logo yearlingsAfter the adduction period, after 3 months loftflying and being subjected to all the adversities like the birds of prey and, finally, after 3 trainings of adaptation until 20 kms, we share with all of you the basketing list of the first timed training.

For each missing bird, the owner can send a free bird for the 2019 MAC – Moledo Atlantic Coast.

Those birds should enter the lofts between March and May. Entry your team and get free those missing birds already activated for the grand final.

Tomorrow, one will have the first timed chrono of the probable toughest yearlings championship of the world.

We are grateful for your comprehension and attention and we hope to be once again on an high level, responding to the challenge and to your demands.

If you find any mistake or if you need an extra explanation, feel free in contacting us!

We have started! Enjoy, good luck and may the best ones win!


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