MYC 23 - Updated Racing Programm

Dear friends,

We think pigeons are ready and therefore it’s time for rock’n roll !!!
Enclosed you can find the updated racing programm which means that in a couple days the loft list can be seen in Benzing Live!
Good luck to everyone and may the best win!

Activations - Atlantic Coast 22

Dear friends,

To all of you who have more than 5 pigeons in your team, you should activate the “reserve” pigeons until the 14th of September.
For making it easier to check yourself which pigeons are reserve ones, check our website and look for the ones who have an yellow R next to the code. So, if more than 5 pigeons and some marked with an yellow R, those are the ones you should choose.

Just let us know by e-mail which are the ones you want to activate and if you feel any doubt, let us know.

Choose well and good luck!

New Calendar and Updated Table of Prizes

Dear friends,

Now that we are up to start with our Ace-Pigeon races, we think it’s time to update the Racing Schedule and the List of Prizes based on the number of entries.

Thanks a lot for your support and let’s have fun!

Moledo Yearlings Championship 22 Auctions

Dear friends,

Today we start the auctions of the extremely demanding Moledo Yearlings Championship 2022.
From now on, you can always count on with an auction of 60 pigeons starting on Mondays and ending on Sundays. Sometimes, between those periods others will happen and we will announce them at due time.
Considered by many to be the most interesting Winter Championship in the World, Moledo Yearlings Championship is already synonymous of extra quality and many of the pigeons that flew in Moledo in the past are currently excellent breeders around the world: From China to the United States, from Portugal to Australia or, simply, in your own country!
Stay tuned, study the performances and pedigrees of the pigeons that will be up for auction in the coming weeks and make your choices! There is quality for everyone and, therefore, take a look at your opportunity!
Contact your agent or contact us if you need to know more about transport or any other information.
Good choices and keep an eye out!
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